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How It’s Made

Après-Swim® products are made from scratch, true to our southern roots. Our design process begins and ends around the Cooney family dining room table. Perfecting the beautiful custom artwork that has become our signature Brunch in Bloom and Garden by the Sea patterns was a labor of love. Our style embraces extraordinarily large prints, enabling the wearer to experience an entire work of art with very few repeats, while ample background space ensures the design remains whimsical and figure flattering. Inspired by nature, with a new spin on Mother Nature’s color palette. Capturing the carefree spirit of yesteryear, while utilizing the high tech abilities of modern fabrics. This is the essence of Après-Swim®. Taking shortcuts in dressmaking is not an option.

The Fabric

Our superior quality wicking polyester knit is light, breathable, and soft, with a silky hand. It doesn’t feel clingy and cold on damp skin, and dries rapidly to original shape without wrinkling. Treating our finished knits with an additional wicking treatment to accelerate the rapid drying process is the icing on the cake and UPF 40+ on all of our garments is the cherry on top! We use traditional textile printing techniques for our printed fabrics. The results of this effort are the gorgeous, vibrant prints and colors you see in the Après-Swim® Cover Up Dresses.

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