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_CJP6371 Our Story

I have always been a dress person. Like so many women, I prefer them to outfits. I find dresses easier, slinkier, mood-enhancing, and more comfortable. After our daughter was born and we moved from our downtown condo to a home with a swimming pool, I suddenly had all new requirements for a daily dress. Functionality proved to be a problem in some situations, particularly those involving water.

I admired the carefree, glamorous spirit and attitude of dress wearing in the 60’s and 70’s … but with a modern lifestyle, surrounded by splashes, the solution needed to be machine washable, life and water resistant luxury wear. I wanted to wear the same dress all day long. A swim cover up and dinner party dress that would be appropriate everywhere. So we have created the dresses to live in 24/7. Straight out of the water or straight out of bed. Casually elegant, comfortable poolside dresses. Make every day look and feel like a staycation, regardless of your plans.

Our styles are designed to be fun, flattering and versatile. Each style is meant to complement a wonderful life, in real life conditions. Feeling elegant and looking beautiful is a trend that will never go out of style.


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